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Hotels in Cochin

Hotel Taj Malabar, Cochin
Hotel Le Meridien, Cochin 
Hotel Abad Plaza, Cochin
Hotel Burton Boatyard
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Cochin Cuisine

The land of kerala attracts a wide variety of people from different parts of the world. Famous for it's traditional and authentic food, this does attract crowds to the state. Keeping im mind the various tastes of the people,the eat-outs here have created menus which is a blend of different cuisines.From fast-food to sea food ,even the traditional kerala style,food to suit all tastes are available. We have chosen a few eat-outs that will hopefully gulde you in chosing a eat-out in relishing a meal of your choice.

They offer authentic kerala style. Duck Roast,Pearl Spot Fry (KARIMEEN FRY- as known in kerala), fish curry in the traditional style.They offer snacks at tea time which has dosas(a south indian delicacy) and tapoica with fish curry -all a part of the traditional cuisine.

Casino Group Of Hotels.

A multi-cuisine restaurant with special kerala meals in the range of RS 75 TO RS 150. Regular fastfood is available. Their speciality are dishes cooked in complete kerala style.thetraditional fish cooked in coconut gravy and the syrian chicken roast arouses the appetite of all! An inviting pastry section welcomes all its customers- undertaking orders catering to the needs of it's customers. A party and a conference room also welcomes it's visitors.

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